Black Silk Coffee

Folgers® Black Silk ground coffee delivers bold, smooth flavor that's distinctly dark and sure to satisfy. Indulge in the deep, bold notes and discover the unique depths of Black Silk in every cup.

♲ This product can be recycled*.
*Not recycled in many communities. 

  • Available sizes:
  • 19.2oz Plastic Canister
  • 22.6oz Plastic Canister
  • 33.7oz Plastic Canister
  • 9.6oz Plastic Canister

Product FAQs

Is Black Silk Coffee dark roast coffee?

Yes, Black Silk Coffee is dark roast coffee.

Can you make cold brew with Black Silk Coffee?

You're certainly welcome to prepare our Black Silk Coffee using your preferred brewing method. 

Is Black Silk Coffee low acid?

No, Our Black Silk Coffee is not considered a low acid coffee.

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