Folgers Best Part Promise®

Everybody knows The Best Part of Wakin′ Up Is Folgers in Your Cup®. But that′s not just because of its taste and aroma—it′s also because of the bigger-picture plans we have brewing. In short? We′re taking concrete steps to help support the greater good. That′s the Folgers Best Part Promise.

Our Ambitions
We’ve started our journey with help from Enveritas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to end global poverty in the coffee sector by 2030. Using Enveritas’ framework and standards, we aim to identify and address sustainability issues within our coffee supply chain and create a positive impact on the social, environmental and economic conditions in the regions that face the most challenges. Please visit the Enveritas site to learn more about their approach.

Our Current Efforts
To date, our efforts involve supporting training programs for smallholder coffee farmers in Sumatra and the Americas through three key initiatives. The percentage of coffee beans we source through these initiatives is not currently known. The goal behind our involvement is to help create a more sustainable coffee supply chain — starting with the areas that need support most.

Check out each of the initiatives below to see about how we’re contributing so far. There′s real progress being, and we′re just getting started.

Proud of Our Craft

There’s a reason why every batch of Folgers coffee is exceptional—quite a few reasons, actually. Get acquainted with the culture and craft behind every cup.

Precise Roasting Techniques
Highly Trained Master Cuppers
Consistent Grind Size