How to Make Pour Over Coffee

If you love to bring out the nuances of your coffee, or you just like the idea of brewing with low-tech, long-lasting equipment, then pour over coffee might be for you. Some even find the ritual itself relaxing.

Follow our guide and learn how to make pour over coffee at home.

What You'll Need

Pour over coffee maker
Coffee filter
18 ounces cold distilled or filtered water (plus a little more for dampening the filter)
Kettle (a gooseneck works best)
6 tablespoons Folgers® coffee grounds

Step 1

Dampen Filter

Put a filter in your pour over coffee dripper and pour a little hot water in it to dampen and rinse it. Discard the water. 

Step 2

Heat Water

Add 18 ounces of water to your kettle and heat to ~200°F.

TIP: Be careful NOT to bring the water to a boil.
Step 3

Measure Coffee

For the ideal pour over coffee ratio, add 6 tablespoons of Folgers coffee grounds to the filter.

Tip: Use medium-fine ground coffee.
Step 4


Slowly pour a small amount of water over the grounds (just enough to dampen them) using a circular motion.

Tip: Only use about 1 to 3 oz. of hot water in this step.
Step 5


Wait 30 seconds for the dampened coffee grounds to bloom.

Step 6

Finish Pouring

Slowly pour in the rest of the hot water, again using a circular motion to evenly wet the grounds. Then serve and enjoy. 

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