Black Silk K-Cup® pods

A select line of exceptional coffee blends carefully crafted by our experienced Roast Masters. Folgers® Black Silk delivers bold, smooth flavor that's distinctively dark and sure to satisfy. Discover the unique depths of Folgers Black Silk in every cup

♲ This product can be recycled*.
*Not recycled in many communities.

  • Available sizes:
  • 12 Count Carton
  • 24 Count Carton
  • 32 Count Carton
  • 48 Count Carton
  • 60 Count Carton

Product FAQs

Are Folgers® Black Silk K-Cup® pods dark roast coffee?

Yes, Folgers® Black Silk K-Cup® pods are dark roast coffee.

Is Black Silk K-Cup® pods gluten free?

While coffee itself is not a source of gluten, we do not test our coffee products for the presence of gluten, and due to the complex supply chain, this product is not formally verified as gluten free.

What does Folgers® Black Silk K-Cup® pods taste like?

Our Black Silk K-Cup® pods is a dark roast with a bold, smooth flavor. 

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