Folgers® Black Silk Wins

If you've never tried our silky-smooth dark roast, here's your wake-up call: Folgers Black Silk was preferred over Starbucks® French Roast in a blind taste test*. Peep the results - and pick up some Folgers Black Silk coffee so you can sip for yourself.

*Nationwide taste test of hot brewed ground coffee purchased at grocery.

The Participants

Big Village Insights designed and conducted the study with male and female participants aged 18 years or older from eight cities throughout the United States. We selected participants that prepare and drink regular ground coffee in their homes at least three days per week and usually drink dark roast coffee.

The Test

In the double-blind taste test, participants were given two unmarked cups of coffee — one containing Folgers Black Silk and one containing Starbucks® French Roast. After sampling enough of each to form an opinion, the participants were asked which coffee they preferred the taste of (or if they had no preference).

The Results

The responses proved what we already knew: that Folgers Black Silk makes a damn good cup of coffee. From the 399 completed interviews, it was found that 60% of participants preferred the taste of Folgers Black Silk — compared to 35% who preferred Starbucks® French Roast, and 5% who had no preference.

Learn More About the Test & Our Winning Roast

A taste test in which participants don’t know what brand or variety of product they’re tasting. This test was double-blind, meaning neither the interviewers or participants were permitted to know which brands or varieties were being sampled.

Interviewing was conducted from October 14, 2022, through October 31, 2022.

Sampling took place at interviewing facilities located within shopping malls in eight metropolitan areas: Houston, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Tempe and Tampa. This way, the study included respondents from all four principal U.S. Census regions (Northeast, Midwest, South and West).

Yes — interviews collected were balanced on age, gender and ethnicity/race to a national sample of the consumer profile selected for the study. Relevant consumers were defined as males and females aged 18 years or older who prepare and drink regular ground coffee in their homes at least three days per week and usually drink dark roast coffee. Certain consumers were excluded from this group. They include people who: 

  • Work in fields that would give them special knowledge or insight about this subject (like advertising or market research)* 
  • Work in a restaurant that specializes in coffee*
  • Work at a company that distributes coffee*
  • Have immediate household members employed in any of the above fields*
  • Were interviewed in the past three months on any survey covering food or beverages
  • Had allergies to any food or additive

*Screening out people with special knowledge is a generally accepted procedure.

The tasting order was systematically rotated so that half of respondents tasted Folgers Black Silk coffee first and half tasted Starbucks® French Roast coffee first.

Folgers Black Silk is a silky-smooth dark roast coffee that tastes as luxurious as it sounds.

This distinctive dark roast coffee is bold and intense with a smooth finish — satisfying from first sip to last.

You can find Folgers Black Silk coffee online or in a store near you using our product finder.

Any coffee drink you can imagine can be made better by using Folgers Black Silk as your base. Treat yourself to our Iced or Hot Café Mocha recipe to start.


Whether you want it dark or mild, classic or flavored, hot or cold, there′s an irresistible Folgers® coffee variety for any taste and mood.

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