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** Use 4 tabs
1 tab = 1 tablespoon


No Measuring. No Mess.

The perfect scoop without the scoop. The delicious Folgers taste you love is now crafted into premeasured tabs of 100% pure ground coffee, so you can brew your perfect pot every time.**

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  • Perfect Measures Classic Roast Ground Coffee

    Perfect Measures®Classic Roast®Ground Coffee

    Aromatic Perfection

    Made from Mountain Grown® beans, the world's richest and most aromatic

    Available in: 220 ct, 85 ct

  • Perfect Measures Classic Decaf Ground Coffee

    Perfect Measures®Classic DecafGround Coffee

    Decaffeinated Perfection

    Get decaf coffee without compromising the great taste you love

    Available in: 220 ct, 85 ct

  • Perfect Measures 100% Colombian Ground Coffee

    Perfect Measures®100% ColombianGround Coffee

    Full-Bodied Perfection

    A full-bodied roast of 100% Colombian beans delivers 100% Colombian coffee taste

    Available in: 190 ct, 85 ct

  • Perfect Measures Black Silk Ground Coffee

    Perfect Measures®Black SilkGround Coffee

    Dark-Roasted Perfection

    Just what fans of dark-roasted coffees are looking for—bold, yet exceptionally smooth

    Available in: 190 ct, 85 ct

  • Perfect Measures Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee

    Perfect Measures®Breakfast Blend®Ground Coffee

    Soothingly Smooth Perfection

    Start your day with Folgers Breakfast Blend® Ground Coffee, a soothingly smooth, mild roast

    Available in: 190 ct, 85 ct

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What do you typically use to measure your ground coffee?

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How much water do you put in your pot?

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Mix & match your favorite Perfect Measures ® Coffee roasts to brew your own unique flavor!

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Mix & match your favorite Perfect Measures ® Coffee roasts to brew your own unique flavor!

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What is in the tabs? Are there any additives used to help them "stick together"?

Perfect Measures® coffee tabs are nothing but 100% pure coffee. The tableting process uses extreme force to compress the tablets together without the use of additives.

How do the tabs stay together?

Perfect Measures® coffee tabs are roast & ground coffee pressed into tabs using proprietary technology. The physical properties of the coffee when combined with pressure allow roast & ground coffee to be compressed into a tablet form.

How is the tableted coffee made?

Perfect Measures® coffee tabs are 100% pure coffee. Coffee beans are roasted and ground, then compressed into tablets.

What if my coffee is too strong? Or too weak?

You can adjust the strength of your coffee by simply adding more or fewer tabs to your brew basket. We recommend starting with 1 tab per 6 fluid ounces of water (with a minimum of 4 tabs) and adjusting to your personal preference. Do you generally use more than a tablespoon/coffee scoop to measure your coffee grounds? If you use 1/4 cup to measure, try 4 tabs per scoop. For a 1/2-cup scoop, try 8 tabs per scoop.

Do Perfect Measures® coffee tabs contain any instant coffee?

No, Perfect Measures® tabs are regular roast & ground coffee like you would find in other Folgers® roast & ground coffee products. They contain no instant coffee.

How do Perfect Measures® coffee tabs brew?

Perfect Measures® coffee tabs brew the same way as regular roast & ground coffee, just without the measuring. Simply place at least 4 tabs into a filter in your Automatic Drip Coffeemaker (with 6 fluid ounces of water per tab in the coffeemaker), then brew as you normally would. The water will break apart the tabs, allowing for proper brewing.

Can I use Perfect Measures® coffee tabs in a Keurig® brewer? What if I use my customizable (My K-Cup® reusable coffee filter) refill pack?

No, Perfect Measures® coffee tabs are meant for use in Automatic Drip Coffeemakers (ADC) only. They will not work in the K-Cup® reusable coffee filter either, as the contact time with water does not allow for proper extraction.

Can I use 1 tab and only make 1 cup in my coffeemaker?

No, in order to properly brew coffee using Perfect Measures® coffee tabs, you will need to use at least 4 tabs to allow for proper brewing.

Do I need to place the tabs a certain way in my brewer for them to brew correctly?

No, as long as at least 4 tabs and the appropriate level of water are used, Perfect Measures® coffee tabs should brew correctly.

Do I need a special brewer to prepare Perfect Measures® coffee tabs?

No, Perfect Measures® coffee tabs can be used in any Automatic Drip Coffeemaker.

Why are some of my tabs broken in the package? What do I do with them?

Tabs can become fractured or broken in the shipping process. There is nothing wrong with the broken tabs. You can use pieces of broken tabs to create a whole tab when brewing your perfect pot of coffee.

Are the tabs supposed to break apart completely in my coffee filter during the brewing process?

Yes, the tabs should break apart completely in your coffee filter by the time it's finished brewing. Your brew basket will be filled with coffee grounds.

I normally add half Classic Roast and half Classic Decaf coffee grounds when I brew a pot of coffee. Am I able to do this with Perfect Measures® coffee tabs?

Yes, you can mix any of the varieties of Perfect Measures® coffee tabs if that is your preference.

Can I use the tabs like instant coffee, where it will just dissolve in hot water?

No, this is not like instant coffee and will not just dissolve in hot water. You must use an Automatic Drip Coffeemaker.

My coffee looks really clear when it first starts brewing. Is there something wrong?

There is nothing wrong; this is normal when brewing Perfect Measures®. At the beginning of the brew cycle, the tabs need contact time with the water to break up. Once they break apart, they brew in a nature similar to regular roast & ground coffee.

Each tab looks smaller than my usual scoop. Why?

Perfect Measures® coffee tabs are designed to deliver the coffee flavor you know and love. We’ve compressed roast & ground coffee into tabs so that when you brew them in a coffeemaker, the extraction process delivers that perfect pot of coffee! (After your pot has brewed, you’ll notice that the tabs have broken apart into coffee grounds.)