Where We Roast

Our Folgers® coffee is roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana by hardworking people who are as passionate about our products as they are about the city in which they’re made.

Our people are, and always will be, the ones who make us The Best Part of Wakin’ Up™

My brother, sister, cousin, and niece work here. And my team is like my second family. - Emile R., employee for 15 years

A Family of Friends

Generations of families work at Folgers®, and many employees have been here for a decade or more. In a city like New Orleans, everyone is a friend and friends are like family. Our people care about each other, look out for each other, and are dedicated to keeping our legacy alive.

We're here to make sure our consumers get a memorable moment when they experience our coffee, from the first cup of the day to the last. - Kelli C., employee for 16 years


Every employee plays an invaluable role in delivering the best-tasting, highest-quality coffee to consumers every day. The knowledge and heritage behind the delicious, timeless taste of Folgers coffee has been passed down for more than 160 years.

We were helping hold up the city. We were a sign that the city was still alive. - Kevin S., employee for 15 years


After Hurricane Katrina, we were one of the first major businesses to reopen. Our doing so provided a sense of hope and rebuilding for the entire community. That same caring, resilient spirit lives on in the volunteer and service work we do throughout our beloved city.

I love the innovation in the plant. The ability to learn new things is what I enjoy. We are constantly growing in knowledge. We work with some great talent! - Kim S., employee for 17 years 


From superior Mountain Grown® beans and AromaSeal® freshness, to gourmet flavors and beloved Folgers® Black Silk coffee, we continually work on new ways to be The Best Part of Wakin' Up for families now and in the future.

Meet the People

Who Bring You Folgers

NATHANIAL L. Organization Effectiveness Leader 15 years with Folgers My favorite part of my job is helping people solve problems, and watching them progress in their training and get promoted.
KELLI C. Technician 16 years with Folgers I pretty much grew up here. I started when I was just 20 years old and have been in many roles since. I loved them all.
RICHARD W. A-Team Quality Assurance Leader 27 years with Folgers This job has taught me how to be safe and think about safety at home. With 10 grandkids, I am always watching out for their safety.
ANGELA L. Gentilly Logistics & SQMS Manager 18 years with Folgers My daughter thinks I go to work to drink coffee. My friends think I count beans. My job is really about delivering what our customers want every day.
SAYLAINA J. Site Education and Training Coordinator 18 years with Folgers I feel proud to be a part of such a great company that was able to open early [after Katrina], and be a resource to our first responders.
KEVIN S. Initiatives Leader: Coffee 15 years with Folgers Folgers has always been a part of my family. I have a can from 1952 on my desk that I found at my grandparents' farm.
EMILE R. Technical Resource C-Team 15 years with Folgers I do my best to lead by example and strive to make high-quality products, and provide good training to other techs.
KIMBULE S. Customer Packaging and Department Manager 17 years with Folgers It is our responsibility to make sure the company is around for the next generation of employees.
MAGGIE M. Food Service Packing Team Leader 6 years with Folgers We are committed to our community as much as we are committed to our customers.

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We've always been dedicated to delivering the finest cup of coffee around.

The Folgers History

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Discover how a young man's journey in 1850 became The Best Part of Wakin' Up today.

Our Responsibility

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We have a commitment to coffee farmers and coffee drinkers across the globe.