Our commitment to quality goes beyond our coffee to improving the
lives of the farmers who have grown our coffee for generations. 

Meet the Farmers

Who Folgers® Supports

Nicaragua Santa Elena Farm

The Maradiaga Family

Poor growing conditions and the threat of a devastating leaf fungus almost destroyed the Maradiaga family’s coffee farm in Nicaragua. Now, the farm is flourishing for this 11-member family since they participated in the Better Coffee Harvest Project, a program that aims to improve productivity and revenues for farmers in developing countries. 

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We know that coffee will serve us in the future, and for that reason, all that we have learned, we will apply.

- Camilo Maradiaga

Nicaragua La Union Farm

The Bautista Family

Juana Bautista was almost out of options to save the farm she inherited from her parents. Now, the coffee trees on the farm are growing back better than ever, and she and her family have been able to establish additional planting areas with the techniques they learned from the Better Coffee Harvest Project. 

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Before, the men did these activities, but that is no longer necessary. If they are not around, we can do it ourselves.

- Yasmina Bautista

Nicaragua El Bordo Farm

The Duarte Ordoñez Family

Gregorio Duarte and his wife Estela Sanchez Ordoñez, along with 12 family members, live in a small adobe home on their 5.2 acre farm. After participating in the Better Coffee Harvest Project they are seeing a significant difference and have been able to grow stronger coffee tree varieties. 

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Our family knows that our sons will continue working on our coffee farm for years to come. We see a difference with what we did before and what we are doing now with the project’s help.

- Estela Ordoñez

Nicaragua El Carmen Farm

The Aráuz Rodriguez Family

Gregorio Bernado Aráuz Zeledon’s farm sits at 2,789 feet above sea level. At one time, soil erosion threatened the future of his coffee plants, but now he along with his son Wender and grandson Wender Jr. are successfully producing coffee again with the techniques they learned through the Better Coffee Harvest Project.

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Coffee is different from other crops, and that is why I move forward and give my son and grandson a positive example.

- Gregorio Aráuz

Indonesia Bedeng Tiga

The Suwarto Family

In order to keep his coffee farm and feed his eight children, Mr. Suwarto had to hide the little money he had in a secure place in his home. Now, with the establishment of an Organization Development program in their village, he and other farmers have access to a trustworthy savings-and-loan institution that helps them save money and manage finances safely. 

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We really hope that the HRNS team will continue to support us in increasing our income from coffee production; this program makes a difference.

- Mr. Suwarto

Committed to Purchasing Coffee Responsibly

Folgers also is committed to purchasing green coffee in a responsible manner. At the Folger Coffee Company, we have extensive internal processes and controls that help honor this commitment. By working with coffee suppliers who are equally passionate about human rights, environmental practices, and safety procedures, and through our work with UTZ Certified to make green-coffee purchases, we are continually introducing sustainable coffee practices to enable a better future for all.  

Protecting Our Natural Resources 

Working with World Coffee Research (WCR), we're continually seeking solutions to meet the world's growing consumption of coffee while protecting our natural resources. This includes finding solutions and strategies that address unique environmental conditions for coffee production, including climate change, disease and insect pressures, and aging tree stock.

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