Classic Decaf Instant Coffee

Get the classic taste you love without all the caffeine — and without the waiting. Just mix Folgers® Classic Decaf Instant Coffee with water or milk for a delicious beverage that’s 99.7% caffeine free. Make it your own by adding your favorite creamers, syrups and more.

  • Available sizes:
  • 8oz Plastic Jar

Product FAQs

Is Classic Decaf Instant Coffee medium roast coffee?

Yes, Classic Decaf Instant Coffee is medium roast coffee.

How do you use Folgers® instant coffee?

Folgers® instant coffee is used by simply mixing with water or coffee. Make it your own by adding your favorite creamers and more.

What is the shelf life of Folgers® instant coffee?

Unopened: 24 months. Date located on the side of the container (toward the bottom).
Opened: 1 month at room temperature.

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