How-to Videos

Discover how to make great-tasting specialty drinks from the comfort of your own kitchen using Folgers® Coffee. From cappuccinos to frozen mochas, watch our step-by-step videos and learn how to fix delicious coffee drinks that look and taste like they’re from your local coffeehouse.

Want a scrumptious treat to go with your latest coffee creation? Try one of our dessert recipes, and pair it with your favorite coffee drink to get the full café experience.

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  • If using brewed coffee in a recipe, remember to pay attention to the brew strength. If you use strong coffee when it calls for regular brewed coffee, the recipe could taste different than desired.
  • Some recipes call for instant coffee crystals to be added in the granular (dry) form. This is described as “Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals.” Regular coffee grounds are not recommended for these recipes.
  • Try to use the type of coffee that is recommended. If a recipe calls for brewed ground coffee and you use brewed whole bean coffee, the results might not be as desired.