Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

You think you know Folgers.

But we're not just the coffee in your grandma's pantry. We've got 170 years of craft behind what millions of people already know is The Best Part of Wakin' Up.

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35,000,000 People Drink Our Coffee*

* Estimated yearly coffee drinkers based on sales, IRI National Consumer Panel, L52 w.e. July 11th, 2021

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And everyone has their recipe

35 million drinkers*, dozens of varieties and endless creativity equals a whole lotta ways to enjoy Folgers. Watch the Try Guys try out a few.

Proudly roasted in New Orleans

Some call it the Big Easy, NOLA, even the Crescent City. But at Folgers, we're just proud to call it home.

How we support our hometown

We're proud to employ more than 750 local New Orleans residents, and each one of us is deeply committed to our community. After Katrina, we were one of the first businesses to reopen and support rebuilding efforts. Now, we've donated more than $1 million and 25,000 hours of community service.

More than just your Grandma's Coffee

Flavorful coffee inspires a lot of fans. Check out how some of our 35 million proud drinkers* brew their Folgers.

We're No One Hit Wonder

From Black Silk to Blonde Silk to classic French Roast, there are over 20 expertly crafted varieties of Folgers coffee. But no shame if you just brew your favorite on repeat.

black silk

Black Silk Coffee

Bold, smooth flavor that's distinctively dark and sure to satisfy.

french vanilla

French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

Mellow and smooth, with an unmistakable vanilla flavor.

Join the millions of drinkers who wake up to the irresistible taste of Folgers coffee.

We've got room for one more.

You brew you, baby.


* Estimated yearly coffee drinkers based on sales, IRI National Consumer Panel, L52 w.e. July 11th, 2021

Something's Brewing