Make the best of mornings

We know mornings can be hard and messy. The Folgers morning harmonizers are here to make your mornings a little easier. Meet the Harmonizers -- a lively group of seven who love coffee so much they formed a group! <br> 

Meet the Folgers Morning Harmonizers

The Folgers Choir shows up in the midst of tough mornings to turn things around with a hot cup of Folgers® and song. <br> </br>

He’s the baritone crooner & leader of the group. He got the idea to start the band one morning after he stubbed his toe on his bed and felt better after a cup of Folgers® Coffee. He found himself singing about it later that day, and the rest is history. Fun fact: He’s a renowned jazz flutist and decoupage enthusiast. <br> 

She’s the newest member of the group. She spent some time in the pageant circuit, before deciding to pursue her true passion, singing about bad mornings. She’s dreamed about joining the Folgers harmonizers since she first heard them narrate a morning rush hour traffic jam.


The band met Marvin in NYC, where he was proving his musical chops at a piano bar singing show tunes on Friday and Saturday nights. The gang had so much fun during their visit, that they decided to invite him to join the group on the spot. Fun fact: He’s also a famed trick barista. There’s nothing this man can’t do with a steamer 2% milk. <br> 

Bruce’s former accountant. Bruce overheard him humming the Folgers jingle one April afternoon and recruited him immediately into the choir. He hasn’t crunched a number since. Since everyone always asks… yes, Jeraldo Jazz is his given name.

The matriarch of the group, Mama is best known for her positive energy and her larger than life gold hoops. She spent much of her youth touring the country with the first ever coffee choir, The Caroling Coffee Beans, before landing a gig singing jazz in nightclubs, where she met Bruce. <br> 

“Baby” gained his nickname because he’s the baby of the group, of course. He was discovered in his local theater troupe’s original production, “Once Upon a Morning.” Baby can actually sing an octave higher than CeCe, which really burns her biscuit.<br> 


This songbird began her musical career as an elementary school music teacher. One year, Bruce attended his nephew’s talent show, and noticed Laritha had something special during her solo in the faculty number and invited her to join the group. Now she’s in a class of her own. <br>